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Step Back in Time

Explore Our Mountain Communities with A Guided Perspective

Discover untold stories and hidden gems as you walk along the streets of Clear Creek County. With a guided tour of the municipalities, you will discover a deeper understanding of the Colorado Gold Rush, Silver Boom, and many additional stories about prospecting adventures and the development of surrounding land. Come take a stroll back through time and learn about the lives of Colorado’s gold and silver miners as you peruse our magical mountain communities.

Historic white and green school building in Alice, Colorado

Try a Self-Guided Walking Tour

Explore the four original boomtowns in Colorado Gold Rush History on your own by taking a self-guided walking tour. Stop by the Gateway Visitor Center in Georgetown or the Heritage Museum and USFS Visitor Center in Idaho Springs to purchase a guide for your solo walking tour for our main towns, including Silver Plume. Empire’s electronic guide is available online. Each comes complete with photos, directions and historical information.

Join a Guided Walking Tour

If you would like to take a guided walking tour as an individual, with a group, or among friends, please contact a walking tour company below to host you. Our local guides will immerse you in the wonderful History and Heritage of the County!

Interior of a historic school with old fashion student desks.

Find a Walking Tour Guide

Alice Historial Society

271 Silver Creek Road
Alice, CO 80452

More Information
Historic Tour of Empire

30 East Park Avenue
Empire, CO 80438

More Information
Historic Tour of Georgetown

1491 Argentine Street
Georgetown, CO 80444

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Historic Tour of Silver Plume

315 Main Street
Silver Plume, CO 80476

More Information
Idaho Springs Historic Walking Tours

2060 Miner Street
Idaho Springs, CO 80452

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Silver Queen Walking Tours

614 Taos Street
Georgetown, CO 80444

More Information
Georgetown Outdoor Discovery

1491 Argentine St
Georgetown, CO 80444

More Information

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