Towns of Clear Creek County

Our History is Found in the Mountains

Clear Creek County is one of the original 17 Counties created by the Colorado legislature in 1861 following the discovery of gold on January 7, 1859. Gold miners rushed in along the Clear Creek and stayed, creating the many mountain mining towns of Clear Creek County: Evergreen, Idaho Springs, Dumont, Downieville. Lawson, Empire. Georgetown, and Silver Plume. If you’re looking to uncover what the real and authentic pieces of Colorado are, then look no further than into our history.

Today Clear Creek County is one of Colorado’s best kept secrets ~ Whether you are planning a one day visit or a complete vacation, Clear Creek County will not disappoint.

Explore Our Towns


A Gateway to the Great Outdoors

The north-western corner of unincorporated Evergreen is a secluded mountain oasis. With stately evergreens and wide open valleys setting the stage for immaculate backdrops of the Rocky Mountains. The Kaiser Ranch, once called home to Willie Nelson, an American country music singer-songwriter, still stands surrounded by vast grassy meadows and peaceful mountain streams

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Idaho Springs

Gold, Hot Springs, and Discovery

In January of 1859, George Andrew Jackson and Tom Golden were exploring the area now known as Clear Creek County. Tom Golden went on to establish the town of Golden, Colorado. But George Jackson decided to continue exploring.

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Stop Your Stagecoach in this Town

Originally named Mill City, the name was changed to Dumont in 1880 in honor of Colonel John M. Dumont, a pioneer and influential mining man in the county. At one time, Colonel Dumont owned three mines – the Whale, Freemont, and Lincoln mines. Today, the Stanley Mine is located on the site of the old Whale Mine.

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The Legacy of One Ranch Lives On...

John Coburn, born in Down County, Ireland on Christmas Day 1822, felt that he had a special mission for his life. Wild dreams brought him to America where he first settled in Pennsylvania. There, he met his wife, Margaret Wilfong.

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One History, One Community, One Mountain Waterpark

The Red Elephant Mines were discovered in 1876. John Coburn came to the area from the East, settled in the area, and designed the town as a place where families could be comfortable raising children. He called it Free America, which was Lawson’s original name. When the railroad came through and the site for the depot was selected, a portion of Free America was picked.

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The History of a Great Mining Town

Empire is one of Clear Creek County’s hidden gems. Located just off I-70 on US Highway 40 in a sunny star-shaped valley traversed by Clear Creek.

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Colorado's Silver Queen of the Rockies

In 1858, two Kentucky-born men named George and David Griffith set out west in search of gold. On August 1, 1859, George discovered gold at the base of the mountain that now bears the family name. The Griffith Mining District was formed in June 1860, and soon afterwards, the town of Georgetown was formed. What started as a humble mining camp in the Kansas Te

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Silver Plume

A Town Rich in History and Silver

To stroll down the dirt main street of Silver Plume is like taking a step back in time. When silver was discovered in the area just west of Georgetown, the silver was so abundant that it lay in feather-like formations.

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