Who is CJ Miner?

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CJ Miner and Clear Creek County

Established 2017

CJ Miner was originally brought to life to become an addition of our Mining History and Heritage as it applies to Colorado’s Historic Gold Rush. However ~ CJ Miner continues to become a far larger ambassador of Clear Creek County and all that there is to do while visiting the region. Truly a fictional character, the name “CJ Miner” represents the historic Cornish miners of Clear Creek County who were often called “Cousin Jacks and Cousin Jenny’s” and represents the legendary George A. Jackson aka “Captain Jackson” who discovered GOLD and triggered the Colorado Gold Rush right here in Idaho Springs, Colorado ~ Jackson received the nickname “Captain Jackson” due to time spent serving in the military prior to his discovery of gold.  


Take CJ Miner with You

“Flat Stanley” versions of CJ Miner can be picked up at the Visitor Centers in the County so that he may travel with you while you EXPLORE the History and Heritage found here in Idaho Springs, Empire, Georgetown, and Silver Plume. You may share your stories and photos with him on his Facebook Page too: https://www.facebook.com/CJMiner303


Did you know CJ Miner has a Birthday??

It’s not the day he was created (February 12, 2017) but rather January 18, 1959 ~ Written as “January 1859” — Highlighting the month and year of Jackson’s discovery of gold at the confluence of Chicago Creek and Clear Creek right here in Clear Creek County, Colorado! And significant it is, as THIS is the discovery that ultimately triggered the Colorado Gold Rush!  


CJ Miner and his trusty burro “Dixie” were brought to life by the Clear Creek County Tourism Bureau and Creative Illustrator, Sam Wallace.





CJ Miner Clear Creek County Mascot

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