Silver Plume, Colorado

A Town Rich in History and Silver

To stroll down the dirt main street of Silver Plume is like taking a step back in time. When silver was discovered in the area just west of Georgetown, the silver was so abundant that it lay in feather-like formations. Many consider this the reason for the name Silver Plume.

Known for its celebrations

Silver Plume has always been known for its celebrations – especially the Fourth of July. Band concerts, hand-drilling contests, and horse races have always been on the agenda. Skiing would become popular in later years. Colorado’s first ski club was formed in 1913 with 24 charter members. By 1914, the club was hosting “ski tournaments” on a slope northwest of town.

The Georgetown Loop Railroad

In 1884, the Colorado and Southern was completed as part of the Georgetown Loop Railroad. This line extended west to Graymont. It passed through Waldorf at 11,600 feet above sea level. Edward Wilcox, who had owned the land and mining tunnel sold the line in 1907. The world’s greatest scenic route featuring an aerial tramway (Sunrise Peak Aerial Railway) was constructed between 1906-1907 and transported tourists to the top of Sunrise Peak on Mount McClellan. The tramway featured 36 cars or more buckets, capable of carrying four passengers each, suspended from two-wheeled trolleys traveling on 1 ½ inch cables. At a speed of about 350 feet per minute, tourists could take a ride “to the sky in a bucket” and back down to Silver Plume within an hour at the cost of $1. The tramway ceased operation in 1917 and today one of the few remaining towers can be seen on the crest of Mt. McClellan.

The history of the Rocky Mountain West lives in Silver Plume. This town is full of picturesque buildings, attractions, and businesses that create an exciting atmosphere of history and adventure.


Ride the historic Georgetown Loop Railroad.