Rock Climbing

Climb to New Heights in Clear Creek

Located just outside of Golden, and west of Denver, Clear Creek Canyon features an accessible wealth of awesome rock climbing opportunities, that include sport climbs and a few traditional climbs. Come here to find amazing rock climbing, just outside of the Mile High City.

Rock climber scales a cliff.

Discover Colorado Rock Climbing in Clear Creek

Within Clear Creek Canyon and beyond, rock types vary from gneiss, schist, and sandy granite. All are vastly different but relatively solid. These types are more unique than other known areas in Colorado. And the canyon ranges in difficulty from beginner to advanced, depending on the rock and weather. 

According to the Mountain Project climbing website, beginners should look into climbs such as:

  • High Wire Crag
  • Catslab
  • Little Eiger
  • Red Slab
  • The Canal Zone

While advanced climbers can get into the:

  • Primo Wall
  • Wall of the Nineties
  • Anarchy Wall
  • The River Wall

Don’t Forget Rock Climbing Safety

Whether you’re a master climber or a complete beginner that’s never set a pitch before, remember these helpful safety tips before making your climb:

  • Bring proper gear and clothing for all weather
  • Climbing is physically demanding — bring extra snacks and water
  • Always climb with others
  • Wear a climbing helmet
  • Use a long rope
  • Use proper clips 
  • Check your harnesses and knots
  • Check your rope a belay device
  • Most importantly, always pay attention 

If it’s your first time climbing, please visit the Colorado Parks & Wildlife website for more detailed information or contact us. 

Learn About the Latest Rock Climbing Craze: Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata (Italian for “iron path”) is a style of climbing that uses steel cables, rungs, or ladders to offer more security and prevent falls, which allows for more challenging, fun routes. 

Lawson Adventure Park’s Via Ferrata goes up over 250 feet and offers great views of the Clear Creek County area offering great outdoor fun with friends and family (only ages 12 years or older allowed). Meanwhile, AVA Outfitters Via Ferrata boats an 70-foot rappel and (optional) 50-foot freefall for exciting routes. To learn more visit or

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