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Clear Creek County combines our peaceful surroundings with the alpine elevation to offer you an unparalleled yoga experience. Located just west of Denver, Clear Creek County is a great getaway for your mind, body, and spirit. From restorative yoga classes to retreats and mountain top classes, there are many ways to transport you into a state of bliss and contentment while offering countless benefits to your physical body.

Enjoying outdoor yoga in the mountains
Two friends strike an elevated yoga pose on a mountain top.

Find Types of Yoga

Yoga isn’t just about trying out various poses and breath control. There are many styles and forms to choose from, like: 

  • Vinyasa Flow – This well-paced class focuses on fluid breathing and multiple moves for a solid workout. 
  • Ashtanga Yoga – This style teaches six specific poses in order for a fun, flow-like workout.
  • Yin Yoga – This slower style of yoga teaches poses meant to be held for a minute or longer for a deeper stretch.
  • Restorative Yoga – This slow, chilled out class focuses on stretches, meditation and deep breathing.

In some classes. poetry, visualization, and aromatherapy are used to enhance your experience. Are you ready to try yoga in Clear Creek County? 

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