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Zipline Tours Close to Denver But Far From Ordinary

Experience the thrill of soaring above timberline on more than 3,000 feet of zipline across the roaring rapids of Clear Creek. Located just west of Denver, Clear Creek County is home to multiple zipline adventures and scenic views. Come escape the ordinary!

Experience One of the Best Places to Zipline in Colorado

Ziplines have been used throughout history in many mountainous regions, including the Himalayas and the Alps, for quick transportation purposes. You too can experience the thrill and excitement of our mountain ziplines as we are home to several alpine zipline tours and adventure parks ready to give you an unparalleled outdoor experience. 

What to Wear When Ziplining?

Your safety and comfort are the highest priorities for our zipline outfitters, so please dress appropriately. Not only will wearing the proper clothes feel better, but allow you to move more quickly on the line. It is recommended that you bring: 

  • Tight-fitting workout apparel
  • Sneakers or athletic shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • A hat 

Do not bring:

  • Loose clothing
  • Flip-flops 
  • Large boots
  • Jewelry 

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AVA Rafting & Colorado Zipline Tours

431 Chicago Creek Road
Idaho Springs, CO 80452

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Colorado Adventure Center Rafting + Zipline Adventures

2697 Stanley Road
Idaho Springs, CO 80452

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Lawson Adventure Park and Resort

3440 Alvarado Road
Lawson, CO 80436

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