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Explore Clear Creek County with CJ Miner


Step back in time and explore our authentic western mining and railroad heritage! Clear Creek County includes the historic communities of Idaho Springs, Empire, Georgetown, and Silver Plume.

— C.J. Miner & Dixie

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Explore Clear Creek County

The Historic Districts of Clear Creek County hold incredible, authentic mining history boasting more than 150 years of heritage and culture. Outside of travel time dropping from two weeks to under 30 minutes by car, it is amazing how little has changed! Today, EXPLORE four original mining camps that later became boom towns and see what rich history you will uncover as you visit various mining attractions and destinations scattered throughout the County.


Argo Mill and Tunnel

Idaho Springs

Visit the Argo Mill and Tunnel where a tour guide will explain the significance of the Argo Tunnel (once the longest mining tunnel in the world) and how it provided water drainage, ventilation and economical transportation of ore for surrounding mines.


Edgar Experimental Mine

Idaho Springs

Head to the Edgar Experimental Mine, owned and operated by the Colorado School of Mines, which produced high-grade silver, gold, lead and copper in the 1870s. Today it is an underground laboratory for future engineers. (For groups of 10 or more, Reservations Required)


Phoenix Gold mine

Idaho Springs

Want to experience an operating mine owned by the longest continuing mining family in Colorado? Then look no further than the Phoenix Gold Mine. Enjoy the scenic drive along Clear Creek as you prepare to learn more about mining and milling while discovering gold, silver, and copper still in the earth


Lebanon Silver Mine

Georgetown/Silver Plume

Enjoy a scenic train ride aboard the Georgetown Loop Railroad that provides exclusive access to the Lebanon and Everett Mines while winding you through the Rocky Mountains. At the mid-way point, stretch your legs and explore mining tunnels bored in the late 1800s.

Idaho Springs, colorado

Idaho Springs

This victorian community will instantly take you back 150 years to the flourishing hub of Colorado’s gold country where fortune seekers from all over the world were lured by the promise of riches.

empire, colorado


Gold was found here in 1860; however, the settlement was originally called Valley City, later changed to Empire in 1861. Today, stroll down Historic Park Avenue as you shop for unique treasures, enjoy a delicious ice cream cone, or head out of town and enjoy seemingly endless mountain adventures.

georgetown, colorado


In 1858, two Kentucky-born boys, George and David Griffith, set out west to stake a claim near George Jackson’s discoveries but arrived too late. Instead, they opted to follow the creek toward the snowy range and discovered gold in August of 1859 at the base of the mountain that today bears the family name.

silver plume, colorado

Silver Plume

To stroll down the dirt main street of Silver Plume is like taking a step back in time. The small victorian homes you pass by were once homes to Colorado’s earliest silver miners during the 1870s. Today less than 200 people call this their year round home.