Hamill House Museum

Home of the Silver Baron

Hamill House Museum

Step back in time and explore the meticulously preserved home once belonging to the Silver Baron, William Arthur Hamill.

Construction Date: 1867-1879 by Joseph Watson, brother-in-law to William Arthur Hamill.

The Hamill House Museum is the cornerstone of Historic Georgetown’s comprehensive residential interpretation of the Georgetown-Silver Plume National Historic Landmark District (designated 1966) within the context of the Rocky Mountain Mining West.

The Hamill House Museum interprets 19th century residential living in Georgetown, Colorado: including architecture, furnishing, Victorian plants, landscaping, social and cultural lifestyles. The home includes features such as a conservatory, gaslighting, bay windows, walnut woodwork, central heating, and exquisite interior decorating. Additional buildings on the Hamill House Museum grounds include a carriage house, office building, a laundry/summer kitchen, as well as a spacious six-seater privy.

The Hamill House Museum is open mid-day most weekend days.

305 Argentine Street
Georgetown, Colorado 80444

Please call (303) 569-2840 or email preservation@historicgeorgetown.org for more information.

The Christmas season brings unique experiences to the Hamill House Museum with special readings of “The Night Before Christmas” along with Victorian holiday traditions such as lighting of the Christmas Tree, Yule log festivities, caroling, delicious food and Wassail toasts. Truly unique experiences and annual traditions for adults and children alike.



Fun Fact: The last name Hamill may be familiar as William Arthur Hamill is the great, great-great-grandfather of actor Mark Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars series.

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