The Rules of Disc Golf

No One Likes a Rule Breaker

Clear Creek County is home to a number of scenic frisbee and disc golf courses. To make the most of your trip, please be sure to follow the Official Disc Golf Rules & Regulations.

  • Be earth conscious — don’t litter!
  • Disc golf is played like traditional golf, only using flying discs. One stroke is counted each time the disc is thrown, and when a penalty is incurred. The winner is the “frolfer” with the lowest score.
  • Tee throws must be completed within the designated tee areas.
  • After teeing off, the player whose disc is farthest from the hole always throws first. The player with the fewest strokes on the previous hole is first to tee off.
  • Fairway throws must be made with the foot closest to the hole on the spot where the last throw came to rest. The other foot may be no closer to the hole than the foot on this lie.
  • A run-up and normal follow-through, after the release, are allowed more than 10 meters from the hole. Inside 10 meters, a player may not step past his/her lie. “Falling” or “jumping” putts are not allowed inside 10 meters.
  • A disc that comes to rest inside the Disc Pole Hole® basket or chains constitutes successful completion of that hole. A disc that comes to rest on top of the pole does NOT constitute a successful putt.
  • A disc that comes to rest more than 2 meters above the ground is considered unplayable. The disc must be thrown from the ground directly below the disc. 1 stroke penalty.
  • A throw that lands out-of-bounds must be played from the point where the disc went out-of-bounds. 1 stroke penalty is incurred. Water, roads, pavilions, and walkways are normal disc golf out-of-bounds hazards.
  • Never throw until the players ahead of you are out of range, and until the fairway is completely clear of spectators and park guests.
  • Enjoy the game of disc golf! It’s fun… it’s fast… it’s the sport of the future!

Clear Creek County is the gateway to the Rocky Mountains. Located just west of Denver along Interstate 70, Clear Creek has 396 square miles of public lands to explore, as well as four mountain peaks above 14,000 feet. Clear Creek is comprised of charming mountains towns Idaho Springs, Downieville, Lawson, Empire, Georgetown, and Silver Plume, which are all along the I-70 corridor. Learn more about Clear Creek County here.