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Mountain climbing adventures await you in Clear Creek County. With a short drive west of Denver, you can put on your hiking boots and cross climbing a 14er off your list. Trust us, the views are always better from the top.

A couple sits a top Mt Blue Sky a 14er in Clear Creek.

Four Breathtaking 14ers Near Denver

There are more than 50 stunning 14ers in Colorado and four exceptional peaks in Clear Creek County: Bierstadt, Blue Sky, Grays, and Torreys. These 14ers range in class and difficulty and sit less than 10 miles from each other.

Although every 14er is an advanced trail, “Class 1” is the easiest and typically features a clear, direct trail. “Class 5” is the most difficult and may require technical climbing to navigate. Find the peak that best suits you:

Don’t Forget 13ers and Other Trails

How serious are your hiking goals? When it comes to 14ers, many experienced climbers don’t end their ascent unless they’ve gained 3,000 feet of elevation. Others climbers feel like making it to the summit is enough.

So while scaling a 14er is one of the most talked-about hiking goals in Colorado (and everywhere else), it can be a big challenge… and crowded. 

That’s why Clear Creek recommends trekking a 13er that will reward you with equally beautiful views. Check out a couple local favorites, Square Top and Mt Sniktau for a mountaineering experience that’s just as magical (and less crowded).

Our Hiking Trails page has a detailed map and descriptions of some of the best trails in Clear Creek County with information on trail type, difficulty, and more. 

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