Ways to Camp in Clear Creek County

There’s Something for Every Outdoor Adventure Here

There are many different ways to camp in Clear Creek County, depending on your preferred amenities and level of seclusion.

  • RV camping
    Utilize your RV and its luxurious amenities. Some campgrounds offer hookups where motorhomes are supplied with electricity, water and sewer services.
  • Tent camping
    Tent camping sites often cost less than campsites with full amenities, and most allow direct access by car.
  • Backpacking
    A very mobile variety of tent camping where hikers use lightweight equipment that can be carried long distances. Backpackers hike across the land, camping at remote spots, often selecting campsites at will if resource protection rules allow.
  • Glamping
    If you’re looking for something with necessities already covered for you, Lawson Adventure Park and Resort has Yurts, Cabins, and Glamping Tents available.
  • Winter camping
    Want fresh powder and a physical challenge at your campsite? Camp while there is a sufficient amount of snow on the ground. The best methods of survival for winter camping include building snow shelters (quinzhees), dressing in “layers,” staying dry, using low-temperature sleeping bags, and fueling the body with appropriate food.
  • Dispersed Camping
    For camping in an underdeveloped area, where allowed, simply pull off the road and park in a way that does not obstruct traffic or damage resources. Never drive in fragile wetlands or meadows. Tents may be set up 100 feet back from roadways, waterways, or trails in most areas unless posted otherwise.

Always remember that no matter where you camp that you must Leave No Trace and pack it in and pack it out. Check for fire restrictions and ALWAYS ensure that your campfire is extinguished!

Clear Creek County is the gateway to the Rocky Mountains. Located just west of Denver along Interstate 70, Clear Creek has 396 square miles of public lands to explore, as well as four mountain peaks above 14,000 feet. Clear Creek is comprised of charming mountains towns Idaho Springs, Downieville, Lawson, Empire, Georgetown, and Silver Plume, which are all along the I-70 corridor. Learn more about Clear Creek County here.