Ice Racing

Georgetown Lake

Elevating Winter Driving Since 1977

During the winter months of January and February with favorable conditions, locals and travelers alike hop into their AWD (All-wheel Drive) and 4WD (Four-wheel Drive) vehicles to experience ice racing on frozen Georgetown Lake in the heart of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains just west of Denver!

Watch the Race or Join in the Fun

Spectating is free, and for a small fee, drivers are invited to take to the ice. So rev up your engine, challenge your driving skills, and compete for a trophy win. 

Ice Racing is offered for all levels of drivers with a valid driver’s license, insurance and an appetite for adventure. Find a new way to enjoy your 4×4 during winter by checking the calendar for upcoming race information or visiting Our Gang Ice Racing to learn more and plan to register in advance.

To schedule a private ice racing event please contact the Town of Georgetown.

Explore Ice Racing Classes by Tire Type

Studs – This type of tire is used for ice racing because the extra traction adds more speed than a bare rubber tire.  In fact, some studded tires are made for ice racing. 

Cheaters – This type of tire is used in the Competition division only.  These tires are also referred to as “bolts,” because  they are equipped with one-and-a-half-inch sharpened bolts that protrude from the tread. This class of tire has a lot of traction and speed.  

Bare Rubber – This type of tire, with its soft rubber compounds, is designed for ice driving. It’s typically used during the Sunday Bare Rubber classes by pro and street division drivers. 

Is Ice Racing Safe?

The ice depth and quality is checked in four different areas before anyone is allowed to enter the lake.  The ice in Georgetown averages 12 to 22 inches throughout January and February.  There must be 12 inches to hold a race, 18 inches before trucks and trailers are allowed onto the ice and 20+ inches before large RVs are allowed on the ice. Additionally the Town of Georgetown assists in checking the quality of the ice for pedestrians and will rope off sections that are in question.

All vehicles must park at least 20 feet apart to maintain even weight distribution in the pit area.  Upon arrival, please stay in the racing area of the lake, which is marked with boundaries.  Boundaries will also mark old bolt tracks, ice fishing holes, and any weak areas with thinner ice. 

Georgetown Lake Ice Racing Rules

  • 4 Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive vehicles only — no quads, motorcycles, UTVs, etc
  • Seatbelts must be worn at all times by drivers and passengers
  • If you have Studded tires, helmets must be worn at all times
  • Respect others — only take one lap at a time, do not cut in front of others in the staging line, and stay off the studded tire track if you don’t have studs
  • Maintain idle speed only when off-track — no donuts, sliding, or drifting is allowed
  •  Anyone speeding in the pits, parking lots or between tracks will be ejected immediately
  • Please be aware of your surroundings — do not leave the marked race area for your safety  Do not drive across tracks, across the path of a finish line, or the outside of a corner
  • Please respect our tracks and equipment — drive the tracks as they are laid out
  • Replace any cones you have knocked over during your lap, after you cross the finish line — if a cone is badly damaged, please pick up all pieces and replace it with a new cone
  • If you cannot control your driving, are endangering others, or are unnecessarily damaging our track equipment, you will be ejected from the race, without a refund.

Directions to Georgetown Lake

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